I'm Diana Bragança!! a passionate and detail-oriented UX/UI designer embracing an exciting journey in the user experience world. While my UX/UI design professional journey may be just beginning, my enthusiasm for creating digital experiences is boundless.

My journey in this field started when I made the decision to move to a different country, Dublin, Ireland, to get new experiences and new opportunities. In 2018, I have decided to change my career and found the UX Design, so I enrolled an UX Design course. My Professional UX Design Diploma at UX Design Institute (Dublin, Ireland) has qualified me with different skills, like user-centric design principles, human-computer interaction, information architecture, conducting user research, crafting compelling wireframes, and transforming ideas into interactive prototypes.

Over the past two years, I embraced the rewarding role of a stay-at-home mom. This experience has not only refined my ability to manage multiple responsibilities but has also developed a higher sense of empathy. Understanding the diverse needs of my family has strengthened my dedication to crafting designs that connect with users and enhance their experiences.

I grow in collaborative environments and value the power of teamwork. My communication skills, adaptability, and eagerness to learn make me a valuable asset in any creative workspace. Whether it's solving problems, sketching wireframes, or refining visual aesthetics, I approach every project with curiosity and dedication.

Apart from my passion for Design, I also love to travel to discover new cultures, listen to music and photography.

I'm excited to contribute with my skills and passion for UX design to create meaningful and impactful digital experiences. Let's get in touch, you can send an e-mail to hi@dianabraganca.com.

Welcome to my UX journey!